‘Gays biggest German threat after euro crisis’, politician says

Homophobia in United States boy scouts, cartoon

From Pink News in Britain:

Gay people biggest threat to Germany after euro crisis – says politician

by Scott Roberts

23 August 2012, 8:23pm

A senior member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats Union (CDU) party has ignited a storm of controversy after she said the country’s future “lies in the hands of families [and] not in same-sex partnerships.”

German news site The Local reports that Katherina Reiche told Bild that the rise of same-sex unions was “next to the euro crisis [as] the biggest threat to German prosperity.”

Ms Reiche, who is a member of the country’s parliament, added the party must “clearly state that it backs the idea of family, children and marriage, and that society is not held together by small groups but from a stable centre.”

Germany’s lawmakers are currently debating whether to legalise marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Earlier this month, several CDU MPs called for gay couples in civil unions to have the same tax breaks as married couples.

Ms Reiche’s outspoken comments have generated a vociferous response from LGBT Germans. More than 7,000 people have joined a protest Facebook group called No Future with Katherina Reiche.

Katherina Reiche may have thought she was just reiterating her party’s traditional pro-nuclear family stance. But remarks she made earlier this week on gay marriage have triggered an outpouring of protest. Indeed, the Internet fury has reached such dimensions that Reiche has taken her own Facebook page offline: here.

Same-sex marriage is no “advertising campaign” and should not be used as an excuse to censor LGBT people from the classroom, campaigners in Scotland said on Friday: here.

USA: Boy Scouts: You can be gay until you turn 18: here.

8 thoughts on “‘Gays biggest German threat after euro crisis’, politician says

    • Yes.

      But typical for at least part of the governing party.

      There is economic crisis, caused by Merkel’s Thatcherite policies.

      To deflect anger from that, politicians (including Merkel herself sometimes) try to whip up Islamophobia.

      Politicians like Ms Reiche think that is not enough to deflect anger; and start a homophobic witch-hunt.


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    • Yes, and this at government level. Apparently, in times of economic crisis, some politicians look for scapegoats: Muslims, Greeks, Poles, Jews … and LGBTQ people.


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  3. Hoe de nazi’s de eerste homorechtenbeweging vernietigden

    Eind september doen de extreem-rechtse Gayservatives weer mee aan de Rotterdam Pride. Vorig jaar kaapten de leden van deze racistische actiegroep de optocht, met medewerking van de politie en de organisatie van de Pride, door pal voorop te gaan lopen. Olave Basabose, Manon la Décadence en Disco Foxx beschreven het geweld waarmee dat gepaard ging. Manon la Décadence eiste destijds in een open brief excuses van de organisatie, en twee maanden geleden riep Famke van der Braak de organisatoren nog op om stelling te nemen tegen haat. “De LHBTQIAP-activisten die tijdens de 2017 @RotterdamPride Walk een boodschap hadden van anti-racisme, anti-klassisme, anti-sekisme, anti-transfobie, pro-vluchtelingen, pro-inclusie, pro-gelijkwaardigheid”, schrijft Olave Talks in een draad op Twitter, “die komen niet terug in 2018”. In de jaren dertig wisten de voorgangers van de Gayservatives de toenmalige “homorechtenbeweging” te vernietigen, zo blijkt uit het onderstaande door ons vertaalde artikel. Het is belangrijk dat we de geschiedenis van hun haat kennen, en er met z’n allen pal voor staan dat die nooit meer kan zegevieren. Lees meer: https://www.doorbraak.eu/hoe-de-nazis-de-eerste-homorechtenbeweging-vernietigden/


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