Spoonbills and goldfinches

This video is about Polders bij Poelgeest nature reserve in the Netherlands and the birds which live there.

Today, I went there again.

Gadwall ducks in the canal near the entrance.

Someone tells me that recently an adult and a juvenile spotted crake have been seen. I did not see any spotted crake myself today.

Spotteed crake photos: here.

I do see a great crested grebe in the next canal.

One canal further: teal.

In the southern lake: coots. A common tern flying. A Canada goose. A grey heron. A shoveler duck swimming.

Edible frog sound.

On a muddy islet, a moorhen passes a snipe.

Then, the northern lake. Four spoonbills resting on the biggest island.

On a smaller muddy island a lesser-black-backed gull, six black-headed gulls, and a common tern.

Two greenshanks standing in the water. Will their autumn migration bring them to Portugal? To the Gambia?

In the canal near the railroad: two adult great crested grebes with a youngster, about half their size.

A grey lag goose along the footpath.

A bit further, a blue-tailed damselfly sitting on grass along the path.

Meanwhile, three of the spoonbills are searching for food in the water together. The fourth one is still on the island, cleaning its feathers.

In the trees just past the northern bench, a twittering group of goldfinches, mostly juveniles. Over twenty of them.

Along the big canal, Egyptian geese.

As I walk back, a lapwing on a muddy southern lake island.

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