Bahrain dictatorship update

This video says about itself:

‘Pentagon calls shots in Bahrain, can’t afford democracy’

There have been more clashes in Bahrain, as a crucial court ruling looms for prominent human rights activist, Nabil Rajab, whose prosecution is hardening the country’s opposition.

Salafist MPs from Bahrain visited Syria, where they provided assistance to the Free Syrian Army, says The Angry Arab News Service.

We’re Still Arming the King of Bahrain? There Oughta Be a Law! Robert Naiman, Truthout in the USA: “The Arms Sale Responsibility Act would prohibit US arms sales to a government unless the president certifies that the government is not engaging in gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including the use of excessive force against unarmed protesters; systematic official discrimination on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity; or blocking the free functioning of human rights organizations”: here.

Bahrain uprising: Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets on protesters (PHOTOS): here.

Prominent Bahraini human rights activist Said Yousif arrested: here.

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