Greek nazis murder Iraqi refugee

This video from the USA says about itself:

American Jewish hate-monitor group the Anti-Defamation League has strongly condemned the election of Greece’s extreme-right party Golden Dawn to parliament. A recession-driven rise in crime is believed to be among several factors driving the success of the Golden Dawn party. Mainstream and socialist parties in Greece have lost voter support for backing EU bailout deals worth hundreds of billions of euros, which force the country to adopt austerity measures.

Besides the ADL, minority groups across Europe have been expressing serious concern at the rise of right-wing organisations amidst the mushrooming global financial crisis. The ADL, which has been campaigning against anti-Semitism since 1913, called on President Karolos Papoulias to send a strong message to the people of Greece that the neo-Nazi party’s ideology will not be tolerated in Greek democracy.

ADL International Affairs Director Michael Salberg: “… The Golden Dawn party is a blatantly, overtly violent, racist, neo-Nazi party. And when we see neo-Nazis gaining strength in the electorate and moving from the fringes of society into the mainstream society, that causes a great deal of concern. You have economic, political and social turmoil and upheaval. And that’s a cauldron for witches brew of hatred and prejudice and bigotry. The antidote is for leaders to speak out, condemn it and prevent it from spreading. ….”

From Associated Press:

Greek police looking for killers of Iraqi migrant

Published: Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012 – 2:29 pm
Last Modified: Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012 – 3:14 pm

ATHENS, Greece — Greek police are searching for five suspects believed to be involved in the killing of an Iraqi migrant in central Athens,

People go from Iraq to Greece not especially because they want to see the Acropolis and other ancient buildings. They flee a horrible war, where over a million people were killed and over four million people were made refugees ever since George W Bush invaded in 2003.

It is to be hoped that the police searching for the murderers are not from the half of Greek police said to vote for the nazi Golden Dawn party (who will not want to arrest their fellow fascists), but from the other half of the police.

authorities said Sunday, as attacks on immigrants rise amid fears stoked by far right groups that they are to blame for a rise in crime.

A police statement said the young man, whose name and age has not been disclosed, was attacked Sunday morning by the five individuals and struck multiple times by a sharp instrument, likely a knife. He was taken to a hospital but died several hours later.

The statement added that a Romanian and a Moroccan were attacked earlier, but managed to flee. It did not specify if they had sustained injuries

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias offered his condolences to the dead man’s family, declaring “that the state will be ruthless towards all perpetrators of criminal acts, whatever excuse they use (to justify) them.”

The far-right party Golden Dawn, running on an openly anti-immigrant platform, polled almost 7 percent of the vote in successive national elections in May and June this year, capitalizing on public fears of rising crime. Party members have sought to take the role of public protectors, distributing food to the poor – but only those with Greek IDs – and doing chores for elderly residents that they say are too frightened to venture out of their houses in areas with a heavy migrant presence.

There has been a rise in the number of far right vigilante groups, and immigrants have increasingly been on the receiving end of violent attacks.

The government has sought to blunt Golden Dawn’s rising influence by cracking down on illegal immigration.

Mr Associated Press, people fleeing bloody wars like in Iraq are not “illegal”. It is those wars and racist anti-immigrant policies that should be illegal.

In early August, it launched operation “Hospitable Zeus” making regular sweeps of immigrants in Athens and tightening patrols along Greece’s northeastern border with Turkey, where the bulk of illegal immigration – over 100,000 people a year – occurs.

Xenophobes Find Police Protection in Greece: here.

Greece: New gov’t reveals anti-people, racist face: here.

Greg Muttitt, Whatever Happened to Iraqi Oil? Here.

11 thoughts on “Greek nazis murder Iraqi refugee

  1. Immigrant found in boat off Corfu hospitalized in coma

    A migrant who was found with 20 fellow Pakistanis on board a boat floating off Corfu was taken to the hospital in a coma on Monday.

    Police are investigating the incident but said that the other immigrants claimed the young man suffered serious head injuries when the boat hit rough waters.

    The boat set sail from Preveza or Parga for Italy but the traffickers that were on board abandoned the vessel off Corfu, the immigrants said. , Monday August 13, 2012 (20:48)


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