Dutch workers fight austerity

This video from 1977 is about strikes by Rotterdam dock workers and other workers in the Netherlands.

This Dutch video from June 2012 is about government plans making it easier for bosses to sack workers.

Translated from regional Rijnmond radio in the Netherlands:

Possible strike in port and public transport

08/13/2012 | 7:57

There may be strike action in the port and public transport in Rotterdam on September 10. The trade union federation FNV then wants to protest against government policy.

FNV executive member Stanly Bergwerf has announced this on Radio Rijnmond. The union began this Monday morning handing out flyers at Rotterdam Central Station. According to the union, the plans of the Kunduz coalition

There was a minority Rightist government in the Netherlands, with support in parliament by Geert Wilders’ xenophobic PVV party. After a quarrel with Wilders, the government collapsed, causing new elections on 12 September. The collapsed Rightist coalition reached an agreement on further anti-worker cuts. Shamefully, partners in this agreement were the D66 and GroenLinks parties, supposedly left of center. These two parties had earlier agreed with the Rightist government to have Dutch soldiers and police in the north Afghan Kunduz province as Dutch participation in the Afghan war. Hence, the name “Kunduz coalition”.

disastrous for workers and also for some employers. The union means the government policies of making it easier for bosses to sack workers, raising the retirement age and the abolition of the commuter support.

On September 8, four days before the election, there is a national day of action with meetings across the country. Two days later, there may be the strike action in Rotterdam.

Europe is paying the price for its leaders’ catastrophic austerity policies, the EU’s own statistics agency revealed today: here.

4 thoughts on “Dutch workers fight austerity

  1. Election: Socialist leader is ready to fight Brussels over budget deficit

    Thursday 16 August 2012

    SP leader Emile Roemer, currently riding high in the opinion polls ahead of the September general election, has criticised the EU’s ‘accountants’ obsession with a maximum budget deficit of 3%.

    In an interview with the Financieele Dagblad, Roemer says both consumers and producers are suffering from a confidence crisis.

    ‘It is idiotic not to look at that, but instead to focus on a maximum deficit of 3% in 2013,’ Roemer said. ‘The government has to get the country working again. And then I’d have to pay a ridiculous fine because the deficit is bigger than 3%. Over my dead body.’

    Net payers

    The Netherlands is one of the biggest net payers to the EU, he points out. ‘Spain is being given more time [to reduce its deficit] and that should apply to everyone. We must do what is sensible.’

    An opinion poll by television current affairs show EenVandaag on Wednesday evening put Roemer’s group on target to win 39 out of the 150 seats in the lower house of parliament. Mark Rutte’s right-wing VVD trails Roemer in that poll by eight seats.

    The SP’s plans include investing an extra €3bn in the construction sector and guaranteeing spending power for people with an income up to €30,000 a year will not be affected. ‘If people with low incomes have more confidence, then they spend more,’ Roemer told the paper.



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