British artist Greig Burgoyne

Greig Burgoyne, part of Dilemmas of the Upper World

By Christine Lindey in England:

Greig Burgoyne: A work in public progress

C4RD, 2-4 Highbury Station Rd, London N1

Friday 10 August 2012

The Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) is a noncommercial organisation entirely devoted to promoting and advancing drawing.

Greig Burgoyne, its current artist in residence, is critical of the mainstream art world’s facile acceptance of art as entertainment and commodity.

Unfashionably, Burgoyne passionately believes that art has a social and political function.

“People call me naive for thinking that art can change the world,” he says

Because it is visual and experiential and does not have to be bought, art has the potential to inspire people to want to change things.

“Art’s seeming irrationality can open people up to possibilities. It can be a catalyst to nudge people into expanding their thinking beyond the usual framework, not to be too accepting of the status quo.” …

Rather than working in private towards the finished work, Burgoyne is inviting the public to view the work as he makes it throughout his residency.

This democratic approach demystifies the process of making art, as well as the mainstream idealisation of artists. …

This work is not immediately accessible, but neither is it facile. It provokes thought and active engagement from us, the viewers.

As Burgoyne points out, this work is experimental – it may or may not work out.

Going by his previous work, I have a feeling it will.

What is certain is that Burgoyne is a brave and thoughtful, socially committed artist.

Greig Burgoyne will be in the main gallery of C4RD, 2-4 Highbury Station Rd, London N1 until August 18.

USA: Where Is the Arts Funding to Create a Collective Sense of Beauty and Meaning in America? Max Eternity, Truthout: “So, we have money to spend $30 billion on a fleet of B-2 Spirits, but are somehow supposed to believe that we can only afford to spend 0.05 percent that amount on the 2012 [National Endowment for the Arts] budget?” Here.

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