Dead soldiers’ body parts hidden by British government

This video is called 274 US Soldiers Body Parts Dumped In Virginia Landfill.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

MoD sorry over body parts

Thursday 09 August 2012

Ministry of Defence officials were forced to apologise after it emerged today that body parts and tissue from 30 soldiers killed in Afghanistan were kept without permission.

Around six body parts and more than 50 tissue samples were reportedly retained by the Royal Military Police (RMP) without relatives being notified.

The remains were apparently discovered last month when a new manager was appointed at the RMP’s Special Investigations Branch (SIB).

The body parts were found at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford while the tissue samples were discovered at the SIB’s headquarters at Bulford Garrison in Wiltshire.

Assistant Chief of the General Staff Major General James Everard said that the samples related to 30 service personnel dating back to 2002.

“We owe a huge apology to the families involved and those who will now be feeling stressful even if it doesn’t affect them,” he told BBC.

He said that he “hoped” no more would be found.

See also here. And here.

Though really objectionable, one might say that at least this is not as bad as in the United States, where dead soldiers’ bodies ended up on a rubbish dump.

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