Bank scandals and resistance

This video from the USA say about itself:

LIBOR Rate-Fixing Scandal Sets Off Investigations, Lawsuits Against Big Banks

10 August 2012

Cities around the country, from Baltimore to Oakland, are taking legal action against the banks responsible for suppressing the London interbank offered rate, Libor. And some 75% of major cities involved in Libor-tied interest-rate swaps stand to reclaim taxpayer losses in addition to Libor-backed mortgage holders who lost money on the rate’s manipulation.

See also here.

The US Justice Department said on Thursday that it won’t prosecute Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs over financial fraud: here.

The US Justice Department announced Thursday evening it was ending a one-year criminal investigation and would not file charges against the giant Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs or any of its employees: here.

Britain: Barclays bods continued their war of words today against MPs investigating the Libor rate-rating scandal, calling their treatment of disgraced bank boss Bob Diamond “completely unacceptable”: here.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) warned Barclays two years ago that appointing Bob Diamond as chief executive could prove unsuitable, documents revealed today: here.

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