Texas death penalty for mentally disabled

This video from the USA is called Mentally Disabled Man Executed in TEXAS – System Failure?

The barbarity of the death penalty was on display last night as the state of Texas executed the second mentally disabled death row prisoner in less than three weeks: here.

AT least 38 people still on death row in The Gambia are at imminent risk of execution following official confirmation that nine other death row inmates were put to death last week: here.

Drop the charges against Gambian journalists: here.

GAMBIAN President Yahya Jammeh’s conditional moratorium on executions of death row prisoners leaves at least 38 people at great risk of execution, Amnesty International said today: here.

8 thoughts on “Texas death penalty for mentally disabled

  1. Illegal immigrants are big money now for corporate jails in the USA and these same corporations are lobbying the government on social policy. I shared my cell with a man with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, he was deformed and easy prey for others within the system. You may be interested in my post “Not Criminally Responsible: The Burden of Accusation and Popular Misconceptions.” In part, it speaks to the efficacy of retribution. Thanks for the video.


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