Paralympics discriminated in Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

Disabled People Against Cuts

A group of disabled people in London chained themselves together and then to railings in protest against goverment welfare cuts, they blocked Regent Street from Oxford Circus and despite it being a very cold January day and the police reading out a dispersal order they stuck it out for over two hours.

By Will Stone in Britain:

Discriminatory’ Royal Mail snubs Paralympians for stamps

Wednesday 08 August 2012

Royal Mail faced accusations of discrimination today after it was revealed that Paralympic gold medallists will not feature on individual stamps like their Olympic counterparts.

Instead a series of six first-class stamps featuring every medallist will be produced after the Games finish on September 9, the British Paralympic Association said today.

Officials claimed that it was because there were likely to be too many medal-winners – British Paralympians won 42 golds at the Beijing Games.

But the rising tally of Olympian golds at London 2012, currently heading for the mid-20s, left the excuse looking threadbare.

Paralympians themselves were among those criticising Royal Mail’s second-class plans.

Powerlifter Ali Jaward wrote on Twitter: “I think if a British Paralympic athlete wins gold they deserve an individual stamp.”

And Disabled People Against the Cuts campaign group founder Linda Burnip said: “I cannot see any real justification for this.

“The achievements of disabled people should receive the same recognition as everyone else.”

She said the decision was not the first snub as the majority of the 580 torchbearers selected to take part in the London Paralympic torch relay on August 24 will not be disabled.

The BPA said that Paralympic gold medallists will still receive a £200,000 cash prize to be divided equally, as is the case with Olympic winners.

Postboxes in the home towns of Paralympic gold medallists will also be painted gold.

Poor Londoners will certainly not benefit from the Olympic ‘legacy’: here.

USA: Students with disabilities are almost twice as likely to be suspended from school as nondisabled students, with the highest rates among black children with disabilities: here.

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