US Sikh massacre, more than one nazi murderer?

This video from the USA is called Hate Groups – N[ational] S[ocialist] M[ovement] – (Report from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams).

By Barry Grey in the USA:

US gunman alleged to have killed six at Sikh temple was a neo-Nazi

7 August 2012

Much remains murky in relation to the mass shooting Sunday at a Wisconsin Sikh temple that resulted in the death of seven people, including the gunman, and critical wounding of three others. One thing is clear, however: the alleged shooter had a long and deep involvement in white supremacist, neo-Nazi circles.

The ample information about Wade Michael Page’s fascist sympathies has been downplayed by the mass media and US officials, and the general theme of media commentary is “the search for a motive.” The evidence, however, strongly indicates that Page’s homicidal rampage against ethnic Indians was driven by a racist and fascist political agenda, defining his crime as an act of right-wing domestic terrorism.

The 40-year-old Army veteran used a 9 millimeter automatic handgun to fatally shoot six worshippers at the Wisconsin Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee, and send two others, as well as a police officer, to the hospital with life-threatening wounds. Page was then killed in a shootout with police.

The deceased Sikhs, ranging in age from 39 to 84, included five men and one woman, identified as Sita Singh (41), Ranjit Singh (49), Satwant Singh Kaleka (65), Prakash Singh (39), Paramjit Kaur (41), and Suveg Singh (84).

The police and FBI claim that only one gunman was involved. However, there are reasons to treat this version of events with some skepticism. Initial news reports Sunday morning, based on statements from witnesses at the scene, spoke of multiple shooters. One witness reported that four white males opened fire. Others said there was more than one gunman.

Temple officials reported seeing suspicious persons and receiving suspicious phone calls in the days prior to the incident. The chairman of the temple said several suspicious men were seen on the premises on Saturday, the day before the shooting.

At a press conference in Oak Creek held Monday morning, authorities said they were attempting to identify another person, a white male, whom they described as “a person of interest.” Reporters for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said a man matching the photo officials had shown was seen at the scene of the temple on Sunday.

Yet the evening news programs on the three major broadcast networks and the Public Broadcasting System dropped any reference to the “person of interest.”

Page, born in 1971 in Colorado, joined the Army in 1992 and was given a “general discharge” in 1998. He was denied an “honorable” discharge and, in fact, was kicked out for repeated instances of being drunk on duty.

According to officials, Page received his basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma before being moved to Fort Bliss in Texas and ending up at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. He joined the psychological operations unit, a branch of the Special Forces. He was a parachutist and received a commendation medal, five achievement medals, two good conduct medals, the National Defense Service Medal and a Humanitarian Service Medal.

Wade Michael Page Identified As Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect (LIVE UPDATES): here.

The Sikh temple shooting suspect’s “body reads like a poster text for white nationalism”: here.

Sikhs mourn temple victims: here.

Sikh Temple Shooting: Why Do the Media Care Less About This Attack? Here.

The climate of racism after 9/11 is what helped spark this act of terrorism against the Sikh community of Wisconsin: here.

Sikh temple massacre: Gunman was convicted criminal who’d been ‘looked at’ by Federal authorities due to white supremacist links. Wade Michael Page was nonetheless able to legally purchase the 9mm handgun and ammunition used in Sunday’s attack: here.

When Wade Michael Page gunned down half a dozen Sikh worshippers and a police officer at a temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on August 5, 2012, only a handful of writers on the conspiracist fringe were shameless and/or ingenious enough to blame the left: here.

USA Antiwar Blog: Judge Expels Sikh From Courtroom, Orders Him to Remove ‘That Rag’ Or Go To Jail: here.

Hate crime against Sikh Community is not an isolated event: here.

Republicans Blasted Obama Administration For Warning About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism: here.

America breeds terrorists. And they are white not brown: here.

37 thoughts on “US Sikh massacre, more than one nazi murderer?

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  2. Police investigate killer’s neonazi ties

    Us: Police are investigating the white-power ties of former soldier Wade Michael Page who gunned down six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

    Mr Page was a member of the Hammerskins Nation, a group that describes itself as a “leaderless group of men and women who have adopted the white-power skinhead lifestyle.”

    The leader of the three-man neonazi punk band End Apathy served as a US military “psychological operations specialist” between 1992 and 1998.


  3. Christians who kill are never labelled ‘terrorists’

    Wednesday 08 August 2012

    Michael Page is reported to be a neonazi white supremacist and to bear a tattoo tribute to the victims of the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.

    The police believe that his alleged massacre of Sikhs at prayer in their gurdwara was an act of “misguided Islamophobic attack.”

    Not one newspaper has mentioned that he is a Christian. Not a word has been uttered about “Christian terror.”

    Yet had Mr Page been a Muslim the newspaper headlines would have trumpeted out this awful act of “Islamic terror.”

    It is amazing how only Muslims can commit acts of terror. When a Jew or a Christian does so, our society calls him/her every conceivable name available except that relating to their faith.

    Riah, a good Jewish character in Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend, aptly says: “Men say: ‘This is a bad Greek, but there are good Greeks. This is a bad Turk, but there are good Turks.’ Not so with the Jews. Men find the bad amongst us easily enough – amongst what people are the bad not easily found?”

    This wonderful Jewish character was created by Dickens to make up for his racist portrayal of Jews in Oliver Twist’s child corrupter Fagin.

    Alas, today, such double standards apply to the world’s attitude to Muslims.

    Who will have the integrity to present a positive images of Muslims – the overwhelming majority of whom are ordinary decent folk?

    Faysal Mikdadi


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