Frog-friendly Golf Course Ponds?

This video is called Amphibians For Kids!

By Caitlin Kight:

Frog-friendly Golf Course Ponds?

August 5th 2012 04:59 AM

Nearly half of all amphibian species in the world are experiencing population declines, and one of the major causes of these negative trends is habitat loss–something that will likely only grow worse as human populations expand in the coming years. A major management question, then, is how we can alter existing habitats to make them more suitable for amphibians.

Two Ohio researchers from Miami University have found that the addition of pond-side buffer zones may help at least some species cope with life in human-modified environments–in this case, golf courses. Golf courses are an important anthropogenic habitat because they cover vast amounts of space (over half a million acres in the US alone) and are already semi-natural; minor changes in management regime, such as leaving a 1-m unmown buffer around golf course ponds, might be a quick and easy way to increase biodiversity and habitat suitability.

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