10 thoughts on “Dutch September elections

  1. MenS > Translated into English Party for Human and Spirit is based on politics from the heart. We are the only party with a serious financial programme and plans for Europe. We will introduce a new currency in the Netherlands alongside the Euro. Further we intend to transform ABN-AMRO in a real cooperative bank not such as the RABO. We have an open but critical mind to all kind of medical practices and medicines. We do believe in a more democratic Europe, where a discussion about the spirit of Europe must be possible. What kind of Europe do we want. I am stil busy to think about putting more detailed information in our European paragraph.

    • Hi Sung, I disagree with your party on quite some points (I don’t believe in paranormal quackery in medicine etc.). But thank you for reacting to my blog post, and maybe some of the other parties will react as well.

        • Hi Sung, if a person doesn’t believe “in paranormal quackery in medicine”, then it DOES NOT FOLLOW from that automatically that that person has “a materialistic view of the world”. You concluded that really too soon.

          There may be lots of other possibilities. Eg, that person may be a pantheist in the Spinoza tradition, rejecting the division between “God” and nature; thus, not believing in the “supernatural”. Or that person may even be a believer in the paranormal; however, that person may not like the QUACKERY bit.

          As an aside, “idealist” (in the philosophical sense, not in the usual sense of a person who believes in some cause) views of the world have not always had happy consequences. Look just at the Roman Catholic churchs’ history of inquisition and its present child abuse issues. And similar issues in other “spiritual” tendencies.

  2. Complaints about discrimination rise

    Monday 06 August 2012

    Anti-discrimination agencies and call centres saw complaints rise 5% in 2011 compared with the year-earlier period.

    The 23 agencies and call centres received 6,391 complaints, most of them about racial discrimination. That number rose from 2,572 to 2,918.

    Over a quarter of the complaints were concerned with the work environment, with many people giving race as the reason they were refused a job.

    The central anti-discrimination agency in Amsterdam says the reason for the rise could be because more people know where to complain.

    © DutchNews.nl

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