10 thoughts on “Saudi women fight for their rights

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  3. Sarah drives in Bahrain… can’t go to work in Riyadh!

    MENAFN – Arab News – 14/10/2012

    (MENAFN – Arab News) Sarah is a Saudi woman, married, with three children. She drives her buckled up sweet children around in Manama during weekends.

    Meanwhile, her husband works out in the hotel gym, right before meeting his friend to chat about plans while drinking coffee. Sarah is free to drive in Bahrain because she has a valid Bahraini driver’s license. Not to mention that she does have another from Dubai traffic authority, which she usually uses while spending longer vacations in Dubai.

    If the numbers are accurate, there are 109 valid driver’s licenses issued for Saudi women in the UAE. A bigger surprise is found in Bahrain, once you realize that there are 46,081 driver’s licenses issued for Saudi women in Manama.

    Friday evening: Sarah, the husband and the three children came back from Bahrain to Riyadh. During the journey, many family chats ran around the best movie, sea food and the crowded bridge.

    The irony, Sarah couldn’t go to work today and couldn’t take her children to school for two simple reasons. First: Khaled, her husband, flew yesterday evening to Jeddah to attend a meeting and a workshop that extends his Jeddah’s visit till Tuesday.

    Second: The driver is sick, and the physician recommended a complete rest for two days. Luckily, Sarah’s single brother offered help. He is on his way from Dammam to Riyadh in order to fill the absence of both the husband and the driver.



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