Save Scottish corn buntings

This is a corn bunting video.

From Wildlife Extra:

Just 800 pairs of Corn buntings left in Scotland – Urgent action needed

Urgent action needed to transform fortunes of rare farmland bird

August 2012. New research has highlighted the need for urgent action to transform the fortunes of one of Scotland’s fastest declining farmland birds.

Major decline in Aberdeenshire

Once widespread across Britain, the corn bunting is now rare in Scotland with only 800 breeding pairs, confined to parts of the eastern lowlands and the Western Isles. Over a 20 year period, an Aberdeenshire population of this multiple brooded, crop nesting bird declined by 91% from 134 pairs to just 12.

Variations in the songs of different groups of corn buntings in the Western Isles have helped scientists to chart the decline in numbers of the birds: here.

4 thoughts on “Save Scottish corn buntings

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