Coral discovery at Shell’s Alaskan drill site

This video says about itself:

Discovering Abundant Corals at Shell’s Arctic Drill Site

During the first research submarine dive in the Chukchi Sea, Greenpeace marine biologist John Hocevar discovered abundant Gersemia rubiformis corals, also known as sea raspberry, where Shell hopes to begin Arctic offshore drilling this summer. The discovery raises questions why the Arctic corals are not adequately addressed in the environmental impact statement for Shell‘s drilling program. Discovering abundant corals in the Arctic waters right where Shell plans to drill this summer shows just how little is known about this fragile and unique region. Learn more at

World’s Northernmost Coral Reef Discovered [in Japan]. The species and seascape are completely different from tropical reefs: here.

Shell Races the Ice in Alaska. Delays Put $4.5 Billion Arctic Drilling Plan in Danger of Missing Window Before Next Freeze: here.

10 thoughts on “Coral discovery at Shell’s Alaskan drill site

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  3. Shell halts drilling in the Arctic

    Tuesday 11 September 2012

    Royal Dutch Shell announced on Tuesday it has halted drilling operations off Alaska because floating ice is drifting too close to its drilling platform.

    Shell is carrying out test drilling for oil in the ocean off Alaska, the first time in over twenty years oil exploration has been carried out in the region.

    The floating ice mass is 48 kilometres by 19 kilometres big and is moving in the direction of the Shell platform. The company expects it to move far enough away to resume drilling in two or three days.

    Shell paid the US government over €2bn for the rights to test drill in the Arctic waters. Environmental organisations such as Greenpeace are against the project, saying Shell has not shown that an oil leak can be stopped and cleaned up quickly enough.


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