Gore Vidal, US anti-war author, dies

This video is called Gore Vidal Dies aged 86.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

US author Gore Vidal dies aged 86

Wednesday 01 August 2012

Author, playwright, politician and commentator Gore Vidal died on Tuesday aged 86.

He had been ill for some time and died of complications from pneumonia at his home in Hollywood.

A long-time critic of US militarism, Mr Vidal was, ironically, born at the US West Point Military Academy.

He was widely admired in the US as an independent thinker in the tradition of Mark Twain and HL Mencken about literature, culture, politics.

He picked apart politicians, living and dead, mocked religion and prudery and loudly opposed US wars from Vietnam to Iraq.

His works included hundreds of essays, best-selling novels and the ground-breaking The City and the Pillar, which was among the first novels about openly gay characters. His Tony-nominated play The Best Man was revived on Broadway in 2012.

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Over a half-century of Gore Vidal’s powerful writing for The Nation: here.

The vital force of Gore Vidal: here.

The newly released documentary, Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia, about the literary figure, public intellectual and political gadfly and radical who died two years ago, has much to recommend it. The portrait is an admiring one, but it is not superficial. Its greatest merit is the presence of Vidal himself: here.

Gerald Gold, an editor for The New York Times who helped supervise the herculean task of combing through a secret 2.5-million-word Defense Department history of the Vietnam War, later known as the Pentagon Papers, to produce articles showing that officials had lied about the war, died on Wednesday at a hospice in Melville, N.Y. He was 85: here.

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How the corporate media ignored or smeared Gore Vidal’s political dissent: here.

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