Dutch avocet photos from Breebaart

Breebaart avocets and dunlins, 23 July 2012

On 23 July 2012, from the hide of Breebaart nature reserve in the Netherlands, not just photos of a common sandpiper, a redshank and a bar-tailed godwit, but also of the many avocets which nest and live there. This photo shows Breebaart avocets; and dunlins, background and foreground.

Breebaart avocets and ruddy shelduck, 23 July 2012

This photo shows Breebaart avocets and a lone ruddy shelduck flying.

Breebaart avocets and dunlins flying, 23 July 2012

This photo shows Breebaart avocets and dunlins flying.

Breebaart avocets flying, 23 July 2012

This photo shows Breebaart avocets flying.

Avocets of Klutenplas, near Uithuizen, Groningen: here.

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