Iran cheetah research

This video is called Powerful Cat, The Cheetah.

From Wildlife Extra:

Iran’s cheetah brothers roaming far and wide in search of food and a mate

Cheetah “brothers” Are Now in Ariz

July 2012. Born in Iran’s Siahkouh National Park in the spring of 2010, two cheetah siblings are now roaming in the zone known as the ‘Ariz No Hunting Area‘ in central Iran. After losing a sibling during their first few months, the cheetahs, accompanied by their mum, walked more than 130 kilometres through vast deserts of central Iran to arrive in Dare Anjir Wildlife Refuge in summer 2011.

Since last winter, they have dispersed southward and now they are ranging in Ariz, a newly established reserve just south of Dare Anjir. After the brothers became independent from their mum, they departed Dare Anjir and returned 130 kilometres (at least) back to Siahkouh.

In the meantime, the “brothers” who roamed most of Dare Anjir (1750 km2), and occasionally even outside of the reserve boundary during the last winter, were sometimes joined by another probably un-related young male to form a coalition of three males. However, camera traps indicate that their coalition was not stable during winter, and sometimes the new male preferred a solitary life.


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Video captures fastest cheetah breaking world record: here.

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