Kestrel and butterflies

After my visit to the studio of sculptor Herbert Nouwens, on 25 July I went to nature reserve Baggerputten near Slochteren.

This Dutch video is about hornets in the Baggerputten reserve.

House martins on the studio roof. Greenfinch sound.

A grey heron flies past. A chaffinch sings.

Near a field, barn swallows and a kestrel flying.

From a Baggerputten tree, a chiffchaff sings.

Red-eyed damselfly sitting on a water-lily leaf.

Two peacock butterflies, one red admiral butterfly.

A buzzard flying.

A meadow brown butterfly.

A bit further along the footpath, a small heath butterfly.

A black-tailed skimmer male dragonfly sits down on the footpath, still further.

As we walk back, yellowhammer sound. Swifts calling. Near the studio, a goldfinch sings from a coniferous tree.

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