British solidarity with Greek steelworkers

This video from Britain is called Greek Solidarity in London MARCH 2012.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Britons rally in support of Greek strikers

Tuesday 24 July 2012 by John Millington

Trade unionists in Britain flooded to the Greek embassy in London on Monday to show solidarity with striking steelworkers after their picket lines were attacked by riot police in Athens.

Workers at the Hellenic Steel factory have been on strike for 268 days, struggling for decent wages and demanding the reinstatement of sacked colleagues.

But last Friday Greece’s coalition government ordered police to try and break the strike despite ongoing negotiations between unions and employers.

Riot police attacked picket lines with batons and tear gas.

But despite a handful of strike breakers and managers being escorted through police lines, the workers’ union Pame has insisted the strike “will go on.”

Greek and British communists alongside members of transport union RMT unfurled a banner saying: “Without you no cog can turn. Workers can do without the bosses.”

Speaking to the Morning Star after delivering a letter on behalf of the union to the Greek embassy condemning the police action, RMT president Alex Gordon said: “Riot police have been deployed and workers quite rightly are resisting.

“I think the first thing, is to get the message out that the Greek workers are not alone.”

Mr Gordon added that the example of the strike in Greece and the brutal response of the government was a sign of things to come.

“Things are getting difficult in Britain,” he said, pointing to reports of ministers considering sacking striking border guards.

“The duty of trade unionists and socialists is to collective action and to defend our class interests.”

Last Friday police began a violent intervention to break up the picket line maintained by striking workers at the Halyvourgia Ellados steel plant. The offensive by police is directly related to the government’s plans to impose further austerity measures in the face of massive popular resistance. It stands as a warning to workers throughout Europe: here.

European Union frontman Jose Manuel Barroso was greeted warmly by Greek PM Antonis Samaras in Athens this evening despite being deployed to extract another £9.16 billion in cuts: here. And here. And here.

8 thoughts on “British solidarity with Greek steelworkers

  1. Greek public sector workers protest in Athens

    On Tuesday hundred of Greek civil servants protested outside the labour and finance ministries in Athens against plans by the government to impose a further €11.6 euros in cuts, including the slashing of pensions. According to reports the government plans to cut by 22.6 percent the lump sums available to civil servants on retirement. This is on top of 20 percent cut already imposed last year.

    The protest was organised to coincide with the return to Athens officials from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

    A demonstration was called by the public sector federation Adedy and was held at 1pm the same day. A three-hour stoppage was also held by local government staff to demand a cut in bank loan rates for workers.


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