Spanish anti-austerity fight continues

This video is called Spain protests: Over a million march against harsh austerity.

Thousands of Spaniards joined protests on Saturday against Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government and its handling of an economic crisis that has plunged 25 per cent of the country into unemployment: here.

Anger and Political Culture: A Time for Outrage! Michael A Peters, Truthout in the USA: “At a time when anti-austerity measures across the world punish taxpayers after national banking systems have been bailed out with hundreds of billions of taxpayers dollars, when both educated and working-class youth suffer historically high levels of unemployment, when the people of Tahrir Square continue to demonstrate peacefully for basic democratic values against corrupt officials and their military…. it is remarkable that a 94-year-old veteran resistance fighter should become an icon of resistance and an advocate of peaceful protest”: here.

12 thoughts on “Spanish anti-austerity fight continues

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  8. Spain’s bad loan rate up 10% in June

    SPAIN: The Bank of Spain said today that the country’s bad loan rate shot up to a record of 9.42 per cent in June, with more than €164 billion (£129bn) in loans to households and businesses at least three months behind in their payments.

    The increase from May was more than €8bn (£6.3bn), the second biggest monthly increase on record.

    Spain is in its second recession in three years and the jobless rate is almost 25 per cent.


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