Israeli fire suicide attempt again

This video from Israel says about itself:

Israeli daily Israel Hayom deleted two lines in its report of the suicide note left by Moshe Silman, who set himself on fire at the close of Saturday night’s social justice protest in Tel Aviv. The lines edited out were a direct attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz.

From daily Haaretz in Israel:

Disabled Israeli man in serious condition after setting himself on fire in Yehud

Passers-by put out the fire after the 50-year-old man set himself alight at a bus stop.

By Ilan Lior | Jul.22, 2012 | 12:46 PM

An Israeli man set himself on fire in the central Israeli city of Yehud on Sunday, and was evacuated to Tel Hashomer hospital in serious condition.

The incident comes two days after the death of Moshe Silman, an Israeli man who set himself on fire during a mass social protest last week.

According to initial reports, the man was a 50-year-old disabled man. He reportedly brought a canister of gasoline to a bus stop in Yehud and set himself alight, when passersby saw what was happening and put out the fire. The man sustained burns to over 80 percent of his body.

Rescue services arrived at the scene, and evacuated the man to Tel Hashomer Hospital.

This is a developing story.

Of course, I do not know the complete background of this tragic event yet.

But I do know that in Israel, like in other countries where neo-conservative “austerity” policies have caused horrible social damage, there have been cuts in disabled people’s incomes.

Why did a young man in Gaza set himself on fire? Here.

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