6 thoughts on “BBC censored on British riots

  1. The myth of ‘gang culture’ in the riots

    The Centre for Social Justice, the right wing “think tank” founded by Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith, claims that gang violence has increased since last year’s riots.

    It says this is because post-riot arrests created a power vacuum filled by “younger, wilder youths”. “Streets across the country are besieged by anarchy and violence,” it concludes.

    But the idea that gangs were at the heart of the riots is a right wing delusion. Duncan Smith and others never produce a shred of evidence for their claims.

    In contrast a report by the independent Riots, Communities and Victims Panel earlier this year found that social causes were behind the riots. And the government’s own statistics also show rioters were largely young, poor and excluded from education.

    Only 13 percent were identified as gang members. That’s compares to the 42 percent of young people arrested who were on free school meals and over a third who had been excluded from school. The role of “gangs” in the riots was negligible.

    Sasha Simic, east London



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