Greek wildfires because of austerity

This video is called WILDFIRES IN GREECE JUNE 2012.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Cuts stopping fire crews battle blazes

GREECE: The fire service said today that severe budget cuts were hampering efforts to contain two major wildfires and dozens of smaller blazes.

Spokesman Nikos Tsongas said 11 of the service’s 21 air tankers were grounded due to maintenance difficulties.

Six villages have so far been evacuated because of the fires.

The government has appealed for assistance from the EU on the grounds that the budget cuts were in line with its instructions.

Greek government lays out fresh cuts, privatisations: here.

Britain: IN an interview given to the Daily Telegraph, the Tory prime minister, David Cameron, declared that ‘austerity’ will be forever as far as he is concerned: here.

14 thoughts on “Greek wildfires because of austerity

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