16 thoughts on “Gorillas destroy poachers’ snares

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  3. After many decades of experience working with these magnificent great apes, we know exactly which tactics are most effective for tackling the main threats that are killing gorillas:

    Finding and disabling snares – Even though the traps are not generally set to harm gorillas, they are hidden all throughout gorilla habitats. Some gorillas lose a limb to these snares. Others die from infections to the wounds. WCS is researching the use of snare-sniffing dogs in Cameroon and Nigeria to locate and disarm snares.
    Protecting gorillas from humans with weapons – Gorillas have few natural predators, but they’re no match for a person with a gun. That’s why parks are patrolled with ecoguards. These men and women are committed to protecting gorillas. In times of crisis, they’ll even lay down their lives. But the passion of these ecoguards isn’t enough – they need housing, equipment, and pay for their extraordinary work.
    Protecting gorillas from humans with chainsaws – When the forests they live in are cut down, gorillas have no place to go. That’s why WCS works to establish protected parks where gorillas have plenty of space to play, grow, and live freely.

    All of these strategies need more resources if we’re going to stop gorillas’ downward spiral.


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