Tunisian government, free Mohamed Bouazizi’s mother

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Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Jan 20, 2011

Sidi Bouzid is the Tunisian town that sparked the nationwide protests that eventually toppled the rule of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Just a month ago, protesters brought the area outside the city hall to a standstill, following the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire in despair with a government that constantly failed to meet the needs of its population.

The area has returned to normal, but people say the journey for change is not yet over.

Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports from Sidi Bouzid.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (in Cairo, Egypt):

Tunisia: The Authorities Should Immediately Release the Mother of ‘Bouazizi’, and Conduct a Separate Investigation

16 July 2012

press release

ANHRI declares its sever shock as the Tunisian authorities arrested “Monwbeeh Bouazizi”, the mother of “Mohamed Bouazizi“, who started the Tunisian revolution and the Arab spring. She was arrested due to allegations of insulting an governmental official. ANHRI demands the immediate release of her, and the conduct of a seperate investigation.

On Saturday the 13th of July, the public prosecutor issued a decree of arrest, against the mother of “Bouazizi” and send her to the preventive custody, in “El-Qfsa” state, in the southern-west of Tunisia“, due to an argument with an official in the Sidi Abou-Zid Court, on Friday.

“MonwbeehBouazizi” was extracting some document from the Court. “Salem El-Bou-Azizi” the brother of “Mohamed Bouazizi” [says] that, “the public prosecutor issued a decree of sending my mother to custoday, because of allegations of attacking an official in the Court. He assured that her effervescence resulted as a reaction when the official swore at and pushed her out as well as closing the door in her face, with no reasons”. “Salem El-Bou-Azizi” accuses the court’s officials of slowness in providing public services”.

ANHRI said “the arrest of “Bouazizi’s mother” due to allegations of insulting a governmental official, eliminates the remainder of the Tunisian authorities to dignifiy the families of the martyrs, who paid the big price to the freedom of the Tunisian people”.

ANHRI added “after all the reports, that declares the sufferings of the families of the martyrs and injuries of the revolutions, to obtain the appropriate care from the government and now we are surprised by the arrest of the mother of who has started the revolution”.

While ANHRI asserts on the necessity that every one shall be equal before the law, … it warns that it could be settlements of accounts with the figures and activists of the Tunisian revolution. Some of the security bodies, still have some hostility against them, because they were the reason of end of the arrogance of the security and its associates.

ANHRI said “this is not the first incident if its kind, the anti-terrorism forces, in a suspicious manner, arrested the activist “Emad Degaeg” from “El-Karm” area, due comments on Facebook against the security bodies”.

ANHRI said “in the country of the rule of law, every and each one violates the law shall be penalized, but we are amazed of the quickness of arresting “Monwbeeh” and sent her to the preventive custody, although “there is no necessity to do that” according to a lot of views”.

ANHRI compared the strict reaction of the security bodies to this vague incident and inaction in the face of severe attacks by religious extremists on some art works and university buildings, in many in separate and various incidents in the cities of Tunisia during the past months.

ANHRI calls the Tunisian Authorities to conduct a separate and neutral investigation, and the release of Mrs. “Monwbeeh” until, the said investigation is conducted.

Egyptian workers mount mass strikes against US-backed junta: here.

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