Bahraini fight for democracy continues

This video says about itself:

July 16, 2012

Fresh protests have flared in Bahrain, despite the ruling monarchy‘s declaration that all forms of public demonstrations are now banned. In the latest clashes, police and troops fired shotgun rounds and tear gas at demonstrators.

Bahrain Snapshot: The Curious Tale of The American and $11 Million in Cash — What Does It Mean? Here.

Tweet sends Bahrain activist to jail: here.

Bangladeshi diplomats have launched their own labour accommodation inspections in Bahrain after 10 of their citizens were killed in a fire in May. They are not only monitoring living conditions, but also campaigning for Bangladeshi workers to live here legally and obtain valid visas: here.

Bahrain deports US filmmaker Jen Marlowe: here.

Bahrain: ill-treatment of ex-police officer Ali Al-Ghanmi and other prisoners in Jaw Prison: here.

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