Japanese anti-nuclear movement continues

This is a video about an anti-nuclear demonstration in Japan.

From the Japan Times:

Jul 14, 2012

Rain can’t dampen Friday-night antinuclear protest rally

Staff writer

Despite a steady downpour and high humidity, another Friday-night demonstration in front of the prime minister’s office attracted a large crowd of protestors expressing their opposition to the restart of reactor 3 at Fukui Prefecture’s Oi nuclear power plant.

The protest rallies have been gradually been growing in size ever since they started being held each Friday night since late March. Police reports estimate that the number of protesters this Friday night was at least 10,000, while event organizers later put the estimate at 150,000 people.

The rally, which followed the official restarting of Oi reactor No. 3 last Sunday, had crowds of people chanting, along with drums and instruments, “No to the restart!”

See also here.

Made in Japan? Fukushima Crisis Is Nuclear, Not Cultural. Gregg Levine, Capitoilette: “What replaces the cultural critique in the Japanese edition and in the body of the English summary is a ringing indictment of the cozy relationship between the Japanese nuclear industry and the government agencies that were supposed to regulate it. This ‘regulatory capture,’ as the report details, is certainly central to the committee’s findings and crucial to understanding how the Fukushima disaster is a manmade catastrophe, but it is not unique to the culture of Japan”: here.

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