Bahrain dictatorial oppression continues

This video is called Police attack protesters in Sanabis village near Manama, Bahrain – 23 Sept 2011.

This video is called Police attack protesters in Sanabis village near Manama, Bahrain – 23 Sept 2011 part2.

Bahrain Opinion: The Regime’s Propaganda Machine is Cranked Up to Eleven: here.

Bahrain: Riot police attacked a peaceful citizen on Sanabis and beat him with no reason as there was not protest at that time: here.

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UK urged to probe arms exports to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia: here.

4 thoughts on “Bahrain dictatorial oppression continues

  1. Fresh wave of protests in Bahrain after authorities move to curb opposition rallies

    By The Associated Press July 14, 2012 11:02 AM

    MANAMA, Bahrain – Anti-government protesters in Bahrain have clashed with police in widespread demonstrations against moves by authorities to ban opposition rallies.

    The clashes on Saturday included demonstrators hurling fire bombs and challenging riot police carrying out arrest raids in the strategic Gulf kingdom.

    Bahrain says it will not approve further opposition marches, claiming they disrupt everyday life. Dozens of state-authorized opposition marches have been held, but most demonstrations are spontaneous street protests that lead to clashes.

    The government’s decision is likely to escalate confrontations between the Sunni monarchy and protesters led by Bahrain’s Shiite majority, which claims it faces systematic discrimination.

    More than 50 people have died in unrest since February 2011.


  2. Bahrain expels US filmmaker

    (AFP) – 2 hours ago

    DUBAI — Bahrain announced on Saturday that it had deported US filmmaker Jen Marlowe, accusing her of falsifying her visa application and shooting a documentary without permission.

    Marlowe, a Seattle-based documentary filmmaker who arrived in the country around a week ago, told immigration officials that she had come “to help a friend who had recently had a baby,” the information affairs authority said.

    “But investigation showed the names and addresses she gave were fabricated… While in Bahrain she has been shooting a documentary film that requires a proper visa permitting one to work in the kingdom,” it added.

    “Marlowe is affiliated with members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISI) organisation, some of whom had resorted to similar illegal entry tactics in February of this year,” the Bahraini authority said.

    The filmmaker was briefly detained and questioned before being flown to Jordan.

    In February, Manama announced the expulsion of 12 activists, most of them US citizens, who had come from abroad to participate in “illegal” protests to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of Shiite-led protests in the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom.

    The Bahraini authorities rejected a visa request by AFP and other international media to cover the first anniversary of the pro-democracy Shiite-led protest that was brutally crushed.

    Last year’s crackdown led to the deaths of 35 people, including five security personnel and five detainees who were tortured to death, an independent commission of inquiry appointed by King Hamad found.

    Copyright © 2012 AFP. All rights reserved.


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