London demonstration against Bahrain dictatorship’s violence

This video is called Bahrain Grand Prix: thousands rally in Manama calling for democracy.

From the Islam Times:

Thursday 12 July 2012 11:42

Protesters to hit Bahrain’s UK embassy

Anti-war protesters have organized a demonstration outside the Bahraini embassy in London to condemn the crimes of the al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain and demand the release of arrested protesters in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.

The protest organized by the London-based Bahraini Freedom Movement and supported by the Stop the War Coalition will be held on Saturday July 14.

The demonstration comes after a 25-year-old youth was run down by a Bahraini police vehicle during anti-al Khalifa protests and was later martyred in a military hospital due to lack of care.

“The martyr who is from Saar Town, received horrible injuries but the police did not notify his family until the following day. No details have yet emerged about the period he had remained at the scene before being taken to hospital,” the Bahraini Freedom Movement said in a statement on Facebook.

“His funeral, attended by many people, was attacked viciously by the mercenary forces employed by the al Khalifa,” it added.

This comes as the al-Khalifa regime sentenced 11-year-old Ali Hassan to one year in prison on July 6 after taking part in a peaceful demonstration.

“This tragic development came on the day when another child was summarily hanged by members of the Death Squads, operated by the royal court. He was found dead by his family, hanged in his room shortly after Death Squads had been reported to have attacked houses and ransacked some of them,” it added.

The Stop the War Coalition said in a statement that “we will be protesting in solidarity of the prisoners within Bahrain demanding for their release.”

See here to find the Bahraini embassy in London.

Bahrain Exclusive: An Interview with @MARYAMALKHAWAJA on protests & recent arrests (@JShahryar): here.

Shias in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Shooting the sheikhs: here.

7 thoughts on “London demonstration against Bahrain dictatorship’s violence

  1. Bahrain bans opposition rallies, dialogue efforts continue

    By Andrew Hammond

    DUBAI | Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:47am EDT

    (Reuters) – Bahrain has said it is banning opposition rallies in order to prevent disruption to traffic and street violence that are sabotaging efforts to end unrest in the Gulf Arab state.

    But the opposition described the move as a new attempt to silence them.

    The island state ruled by the Sunni Al Khalifa family has seen unrest since an uprising for political reforms, led by majority Shi’ites, was launched in February 2011 after revolts in Egypt and Tunisia.

    The uprising was initially crushed during a period of martial law but unrest has continued with regular organized protests by opposition parties and clashes between riot police and youths who say the monarchy marginalizes them.

    A senior official said the government had no new plans to ban rallies outright, but wanted to make sure they did not turn violent.

    The Interior Ministry said this week it had banned a series of rallies on Thursday and Friday organized by the leading opposition party Wefaq, the latest in a series of publicly announced bans over the past month,.

    It cited public interest and traffic concerns.

    “Holding these marches will damage people’s interests and hold up traffic,” state news agency BNA said latge on Thursday, citing public security chief Tariq al-Hassan.

    “The marches cannot be considered as responsible freedom of expression,” it said, adding that march organizers had not been able to control them in the past.

    Senior Wefaq member Abduljalil Khalil decried what he said was a new policy to end the use of the street to demand reforms.

    “This will lead to more escalation since people now feel no hope. There is no chance to practice their freedom, they have cornered everybody now,” he said.

    Amnesty International criticized the bans on Thursday, saying the government was violating fundamental rights. A government statement said the interior ministry was working on identifying “approved locations” for rallies.

    Since April the authorities have stepped up efforts to crack down on unrest. Activists cite an increased use of shotgun pellets, whose use authorities have declined to confirm or deny.


  2. Submarine sailor punished for fracas

    Published: Friday, July 13, 2012

    By The Associated Press

    HARTFORD — A Navy sailor was dismissed as the senior enlisted man aboard a Groton-based attack submarine following drunken outbursts during a port visit in Bahrain, according to documents.

    The sailor from the USS Annapolis, Senior Chief Sonar Technician Gregory Cordray, had been drinking inside a club on the U.S. base when he was involved in an altercation with a group of apparently British sailors March 12.

    On the bus to a hotel, he also caused a commotion by starting a sing-along and using profanity, according to the command investigation.

    The investigation report, obtained by The Associated Press through a Freedom of Information Act request, concluded that Cordray violated the commanding officer’s orders to avoid intoxication while off-duty in Bahrain, as well as during a January port visit to Toulon, France.

    “His behavior violated the tenants of good order and discipline and poorly represented the Navy, the Submarine Service, and the Annapolis,” a Navy investigator wrote.

    Cordray, 42, was dismissed as chief of boat April 19 by the submarine’s commanding officer.

    Cordray received a nonjudicial punishment and has been reassigned to a Naval submarine support center, according to Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Cragg, a submarine group spokeswoman in Groton.

    Cordray declined to comment when reached by phone at his home.

    According to the investigation, Cordray had been drinking beer inside the chief petty officers’ club for nearly seven hours before leaving for the hotel, when he encountered the apparently British sailors attempting to board the bus designated for Annapolis sailors.

    Several people tried to quiet Cordray as they secured the door to the bus.

    Cordray was the only one targeted by the misconduct investigation, which was carried by the Navy’s Submarine Development Squadron 12, Cragg said.

    The Annapolis is a Los Angeles-class attack submarine that was commissioned in 1992. It is based at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton.


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