Forester moth on Texel island

This is a forester moth video.

Wildlife ranger Erik van der Spek, from Texel island in the Netherlands, writes on his blog (translation by me):

Forester moth can be seen regularly on the island this year

Posted on July 13, 2012

The diurnal forester, a relative of the more famous six-spot burnet, can be seen regularly on the island this year. It is a species of wet grasslands, heaths and dunes. The caterpillars live on sorrel and sheep’s sorrel.

The species occurs in the Netherlands mainly in the east of the country and on the islands. Many people report it from Texel eg on the site In older Dutch butterfly guides the forester is also known as klein groentje. Recently, the forester has been seen eg in the Westerduinen [see also here] and on the Hoge Berg.

More Texel moths: here.

Hoge Berg flowers: here. See also here.

Texel parnassia flowers: here.

Texel heathland plants: here.

Texel thistles: here.

5 thoughts on “Forester moth on Texel island

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