Virginia plantation video

The makers of this video from the USA write about it:

This is Belle Grove Plantation in Virginia. We are working to open this plantation as a Historic Bed and Breakfast. As you will hear in the video, this plantation has some very important history attached to it. It is the birthplace of James Madison and was part of the trail that John Wilkes Booth and David Harold crossed as they made their way across the river and on to Garrett’s Farm. It was also the plantation that the Detachment of Union soldiers that were pursuing them stopped to rest and eat.

They also write about it:

See what it looks like as you drive up to the Manor today. Watch for our resident osprey to fly over the house as you approach the front door. See the grounds as they are today, before we start the landscaping. Get a close look at the Summer Kitchen, Ice House and Smokehouse.

2 thoughts on “Virginia plantation video

  1. Thank you so much for sharing our video and blog with your readers! We really appreciate it! We hope everyone will stop by the blog and lear more about this amazing piece of history!

    Brett and Michelle
    Belle Grove Plantation


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