Moroccan rapper’s hunger strike

This video is called Morocco / Free Moroccan rapper Moad Lhaqed [Mouad Belghouat].

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Rapper starts hunger strike

MOROCCO: Rap artist Mouad Belghouat has gone on hunger strike to protest at prison conditions.

His brother Aderrahim said he began the strike on Monday because he was forbidden from using the phone, was harassed by other prisoners and had his belongings “constantly” searched by guards.

Mr Belghouat was convicted in May of showing contempt for public servants because of one of his songs.

Music of the Arab revolutions spreads alongside the struggle: here.

6 thoughts on “Moroccan rapper’s hunger strike

  1. Protests in Morocco against the government

    On Sunday protesters in Casablanca, Morocco demonstrated in protest at the government’s policies and against growing social inequality.

    According to a report in the Egyptian Daily News, the protests were called by the February 20 movement, “to ask for more democracy.”

    The web site reported, that “At a protest in the working class area of Bernoussi in Casablanca, hundreds marched and chanted against government policies, social marginalisation, and corruption.”

    It added, “They also took aim at the wealthy clique of Moroccans known as the Makhzen, the governing elite centred around monarch King Mohammed VI.

    The report cited comments from a “citizen journalists” who said the Casablanca “march went peacefully until suddenly at the very end police started beating street vendors and passers-by. Later they started chasing and apprehending protesters.”


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