New Ecuadorian frog named after Prince Charles

Hyloscirtus princecharlesi

From the Press Association in Britain:

Frog Named After Charles Prince of Wales

05/07/2012 06:18

In fairytales when a frog is kissed it usually turns into a prince, but the reality for a new species of amphibian is being named after one – the Prince of Wales.

The unusual honour has been bestowed on the heir to the throne by a conservation organisation in recognition of his efforts to help safeguard the world’s rainforests.

Prince Charles has also been accused of helping to destroy rainforests. He can talk the talk well (including his claims to be able to talk with plants paranormally LOL). Like he can talk the talk well about sympathy for his tenant farmers in Cornwall, hit by their cows’ foot and mouth disease. However, pressure on those tenant farmers to pay the rent to their princely landlord drove many of them to suicide.

It would have been better if this intersting beautiful new frog species would have been named after someone more worthy of it.

The rare species of Ecuadorian stream frog has been named Hyloscirtus princecharlesi in honour of the royal’s environmental campaigning over the years.

The brown-coloured amphibian with large orange blotches was discovered by Ecuadorian scientist Dr Luis A Coloma four years ago among preserved museum specimens.

The academic later took part in an expedition to a national park in his homeland and found three live adults and some tadpoles. …

Amphibian Ark, which works to ensure the survival of endangered frogs, newts and salamanders, decided to name the new species after Charles.

A spokesman said: “It is endangered and needs to be protected in the wild, its rainforest habitat is under threat due to the impact of farming.” …

The Prince is president of the wildlife conservation organisation WWF-UK

Like with elephant-killing Spanish royals and pro-wolf killing Swedish royals, a WWF top spot is not a guarantee for being genuinely pro-environment and pro-wildlife.

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