Hungarian nazi pseudo-science

This music video is called Der Fuehrer’s Face – Spike Jones & His City Slickers.

This video about Hungary is called Fascist Nazis in Europe, the Jobbik.

From World Science:

“Racial purity” DNA testing slammed as perversion, but halting practice might not be easy

June 18, 2012
Special to World Science

A Hun­gar­i­an pol­i­ti­cian has sparked out­rage af­ter re­port­ed­ly us­ing a DNA test to try to prove his sup­posed white ra­cial pu­r­ity.

But some sci­en­tists ac­knowl­edge that stop­ping such a prac­tice might not be easy, since DNA an­ces­try test­ing can al­so be done for legit­i­mate pu­rposes.

The Eu­ro­pe­an So­ci­e­ty of Hu­man Ge­net­ics is­sued a state­ment on June 14 con­demn­ing DNA “ra­cial pu­r­ity” tests as an “un­eth­i­cal per­ver­sion” of sci­ence, as well as sim­ply in­valid. The declara­t­ion fol­lowed rev­ela­t­ions that a Hun­gar­i­an ge­net­ics com­pa­ny, Na­gy Gén, had scanned 18 loca­t­ions in the ge­nome of a Hun­gar­i­an par­lia­men­tar­ian from the sharply right-wing Job­bik par­ty. The com­pa­ny looked for gene vari­ants char­ac­ter­is­tic of Gyp­sy and Jew­ish an­ces­try, and con­clud­ed that both could be ruled out.

The com­pany has since em­phat­i­cally dis­tanced it­self from what it calls in­ap­pro­priate use of its find­ings, and apol­ogized for any re­sulting “emo­tional harm.”

“This is a gross dis­tor­tion of the val­ues of ge­net­ic test­ing, which is in­tend­ed to be used to di­ag­nose dis­ease rath­er than to claim ra­cial pu­r­ity,” said Jo­erg Schmidtke, pres­ident of the Eu­ro­pe­an So­ci­e­ty, in its state­ment. “In ad­di­tion, the test proves noth­ing; it is im­pos­si­ble to de­duce some­one’s ori­gins from test­ing so few places in the ge­nome. I am sure that clin­i­cal ge­net­icists world­wide will join me in con­demn­ing this scan­dalous abuse of a tech­nol­o­gy that was de­vel­oped to help the sick, rath­er than to pro­mote ha­tred.” …

An­drew Read, a mem­ber of the board of the Eu­ro­pe­an So­ci­e­ty, said one dis­tin­guish­ing and ob­jec­tion­a­ble fea­ture of the re­cent test in Hun­ga­ry was its use to ex­clude, rath­er than in­clude, par­tic­u­lar an­ces­tral con­nec­tions.

“I think there’s a dif­fer­ence be­tween tak­ing a test to in­clude or ex­clude an­ces­try,” said Read, of the Uni­vers­ity of Man­ches­ter, U.K. In fact, he added, to­tally ex­clud­ing a rela­t­ion­ship to any hu­man group is im­pos­si­ble, as eve­ry­one ul­ti­mately de­scends from a com­mon root. Read al­so agreed with the idea that even the at­tempt to ex­clude a cer­tain an­ces­try is a warn­ing sign of sin­is­ter mo­tives, as some­one choos­ing to be tested in such a way is im­plic­itly com­mu­ni­cat­ing that some an­ces­tral con­nec­tions are un­de­sir­a­ble.

Not all sci­en­tists were will­ing to dis­cuss how one might dis­tin­guish a rac­ist who is us­ing DNA tests for di­vi­sive pu­rposes, from some­one who gets tested out of an in­no­cent in­ter­est in his or her an­ces­try. Nor did scient­ists clear­ly ad­dress how to deal with some­one who might under­take a DNA test for one stated pur­pose, then try to put the re­sults to another, less “kum­ba­ya” use.

Schmidtke, the Eu­ro­pe­an So­ci­e­ty pres­ident, sidestepped such ques­tions when they were posed to him in an e­mail. “Noth­ing is wrong with us­ing ge­net­ic in­forma­t­ion to un­der­stand one’s own an­ces­try,” wrote Schmidtke, of Han­no­ver Med­i­cal School in Germany. “What we are con­demn­ing is a mis­use of such in­forma­t­ion in a socio-political con­text.” He left it at that.

Béla Melegh, president of the Hungarian So­ciety of Human Gene­tics, said the organi­zation is asking the Hung­arian gov­ern­ment to pro­se­cute Na­gy Gén, the test­ing com­pany, under a 2008 law on gene­tics.

Hungary says probing Nazi war criminal ‘raises problems’: here.

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