Chinese government banquet shark fin soup ban

This video is called Stop shark finning.

From Voice of America News:

China to Ban Shark Fin Soup from Official Events

China plans to ban shark fin soup from being served at government banquets in an attempt to protect endangered shark populations and reduce spending on lavish state functions.

The Communist Party-controlled Global Times said Tuesday it would take about three years to remove shark fins from the menus of official banquets and other government events.

The paper says the ban is part of a wider effort to limit government spending on official dinners that often feature the expensive seafood dish popular in many Asian countries.

Environmental groups say over 70 million sharks are killed primarily for their fins each year worldwide, leaving dozens of shark species threatened with near or total extinction.

Chinese state media say over 95 percent of the annual harvest of shark fin is consumed on the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Chinese ban would not affect consumption of shark fin by the general population.

Several countries and local governments around the world have already moved to ban the sale of shark fins, which can sell for as much as $500 per pound.

July 4, 2012

From Wildlife Extra:

This monumental news comes at the peak of a massive public awareness campaign in China by conservation organization, WildAid, to “Say No to Shark Fin Soup”. In 2006, former NBA star and WildAid Ambassador Yao Ming famously committed to never eat shark fin soup again in a Public Service Announcement for WildAid, which has since been seen by hundreds of millions of people in China.

10 million kilos of shark fin imported into Hong Kong in 1 year – Where from? Here.

13 thoughts on “Chinese government banquet shark fin soup ban

  1. Global shark catch up to ‘4x higher’

    ITALY: The Pew Environment Group said today that the world’s shark populations are in worse trouble than previously thought.

    It warned that the number of sharks caught around the world might be up to four times higher than official UN Food and Agriculture Organisation statistics.

    The group said that very few countries have catch limits on shark species including endangered ones.


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