Art about reptiles, environment

Snake art by Nadilyn Beáto


Nadilyn Beáto: Awesome Snake Sculpture Creations

Her name is Nadilyn Beato and she is currently a senior at Parsons, The New School For Design. She is studying illustration and her work ranges from traditional to digital.

She started making animal sculptures in May 2010 after the BP oil spill occurred. Nadilyn loves animals and she wanted to help the animals in the Gulf. So she came up with a brilliant idea of making animal necklaces of the animals affected by the oil spill. Nadilyn began to sell them and 75 % of the sales were set aside to be donated and other 25% was used to purchase more supplies so she can continue making more necklaces.

After four months had passed Nadilyn had managed to raise an impressive €1,103.48 for the Environmental Defense Fund with the help of the generous individuals that purchased her awesome work. After that people continued asking her to make more animal necklaces (I am not surprised at all). Nadilyn states “I love creating sculptures, so I continued to create animals in a variety of forms”.

You can see more of her creations at Nadilyn’s Facebook page.

From The Sticky Tongue Project:

Nadilyn Creations: promoting the use of art to impact our world

Nadilyn Beáto is a New York based artist. Her work focuses mainly on the design of demons and creatures. She also sculpts animals and her own original creatures. She holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design with a concentration in illustration.

Nadilyn works hard to promote the use of art in order to help make a positive impact in our world. Every 3 months she makes a donation to a special organization.

Today we thought we would share some of our favorite reptile-themed work from Nadilyn. We know you’re going to love it as much as we do!

The Saint Lucia racer takes the title of world’s rarest snake: here.

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