Geert Wilders’ xenophobic party implodes

Geert Wilders, cartoon by Talal Nayer

Until about two months ago, the xenophobic PVV party of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands propped up the Rightist minority government coalition of the CDA and VVD parties.

However, the three parties quarreled, and the government collapsed.

Recently, local councillors and provincial councillors had resigned in disgust from the PVV.

So had Member of Parliament Hero Brinkman, starting his own small breakaway party.

Now, there are signs of further collapse of the PVV (like its sister party, the Lega Nord in Italy).

Today, the two MPs Wim Kortenoeven (foreign affairs specialist) and Marcial Hernandez (“defence” spokesman, retired major of Dutch occupation troops in Afghanistan) announced at a press conference in The Hague that they resigned from the PVV parliamentary caucus (they could not resign as party members; the PVV has only one member, Wilders, who decides everything).

They said that Wilders is a worse dictator than Kim Jong-un in North Korea (strong language indeed in the fiercely anti-communist PVV).

Wilders reacted by saying that these two men broke away because they were afraid that Wilders would decide that they would lose their MP jobs after the 12 September general election.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders’ xenophobic party implodes

  1. Former PVV councillor found dead in woods near Utrecht

    Wednesday 04 July 2012

    The body of a man found in woods near Utrecht has been identified as that of a former provincial councillor for the anti-immigration PVV, according to media reports on Wednesday afternoon.

    Jos van Hal Scheffer left the party last month after his wife became a suspect in a million euro fraud case. He was not a suspect in the case but did work at the same law firm as his wife, the Telegraaf said. Van Hal Scheffer had been missing since Monday and is thought to have committed suicide.

    Monique van Hal Scheffer is suspected of forging court documents in order to persuade clients to deposit millions of euros in bank accounts belonging to the practice. The law firm’s clients included a number of housing corporations.



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