15 thoughts on “Hungarian state homophobia

  1. Top cop sorry for gay ‘mistake’

    ITALY: Police apologised today after they were forced to change a training manual that listed homosexuality as a “sexual deviance” in the same category as bestiality, incest and necrophilia.

    The Carabinieri quickly apologised after an outcry from gay rights groups.

    It was “an unfortunate mistake,” said Carabinieri commander General Leonardo Gallitelli.



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  5. Bishops pray against gays

    FRANCE: The country’s bishops’ conference asked priests today to read a prayer calling on politicians to resist calls for gay adoption and marrigage, stressing children’s need for “the love of a father and a mother.”

    President Francois Hollande has said he wants a law allowing gay marriage and adoption next year.

    Many parishes ignored the suggested prayer.



  6. Homophobes sue Madonna

    Russia: Anti-gay activists filed suit against US singer Madonna at the weekend, for millions of dollars, claiming that they were offended by her support for gay rights during a recent concert in St Petersburg.

    Lawyer Alexander Pochuyev said the suit was filed against Madonna, the organiser of her concert and the hall where it was held for damages totaling 333 million rubles (£6.6m).



  7. Cardinal Errors – when will he learn?

    It’s only a couple of weeks since the new archbishop of Glasgow got into bother for his dismal aspersions on the early death of gay Labour MP David Cairns and on same-sex marriage.

    Now Scotland’s top Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has weighed in with a “snub” for the Scottish government over its plans to make same-sex marriage legal.

    O’Brien is suspending direct communication with the Scottish government on the issue.

    Any consultation on the planned Bill will have to go through church minions and not the top dog himself.

    The cardinal’s fury is not surprising given that he believes same-sex marriage to be a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right.”

    But it’s hard to see what the problem is.

    The new law won’t force anyone to get married who doesn’t want to. And it certainly won’t force anyone to conduct a marriage if they don’t want to.

    It will just make things fair and equal for all, as they should be.

    The old celibate is clearly just annoyed that he can’t force everyone else to do what he tells them any more.



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