Dutch punk rock about Occupy Wall Street

This music video is by ManLiftingBanner; their song Wall Street Wars.

They are a Dutch punk rock band, founded in the 1990s, and now re-united.

Many of their songs about political subjects, like Occupy Wall Street.

This music video is called ManLiftingBanner – Sister – Live Barcelona 1999.

Lessons From Occupy Wall Street’s First Political Prisoner. Natasha Lennard, Truthout in the USA: “Mark Adams, a long-term fixture in New York’s Occupy Wall Street community, woke up this morning in Riker’s Island prison, where last week he began a 45-day sentence and earned the unenviable title as Occupy’s first sentenced political prisoner”: here.

A force of 150 Los Angeles Police Department officers broke-up a small demonstration of Occupy Los Angeles protesters, using rubber bullets and batons to disperse the crowd: here.

8 thoughts on “Dutch punk rock about Occupy Wall Street

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  3. The Occupy movement has, at turns, been accused of violence, disobedience, being filthy, sanctioning rape and becoming irrelevant since it began last September. A funny thing happened last week, however, that broke new ground in the annals of hyperbole: OWS was accused, by none other than the mighty New York City press establishment, of murder. A banner headline on the front page of the New York Daily News screamed, in bold capital letters, “OWS MURDER LINK.” Not to be outdone, the New York Post bellowed, “OWS Shock in Unsolved ’04 Sarah Slay.” The New York Times, for its part, carried a headline which read, “DNA Said to Link Occupy Wall St. and 2004 Killing.” For me, it’s the “Said to Link” part that makes it art. Said? By whom, exactly?

    The crux of the story: a chain used by Occupy protesters to prop open a subway entrance so riders could commute for free allegedly had DNA on it that linked back to the unsolved 2004 murder of Julliard student Sarah Fox. Despite the trumpeting headlines, the connection between the chain, OWS and the murder was vague at best, a fact only the Post deigned to highlight, “because the genetic sample could be from an OWS activist or anyone who passed through the gates for a free ride.” I’m no forensic scientist, but that sounds to me as if every living soul in the greater New York area could have qualified as a suspect under those conditions, but no, it must have been Occupy. The headlines said it, so it must be true.

    The lie was halfway around the world, and the truth barely had its pants on, before the next shoe dropped. “Contamination at a city laboratory may have led to the match between DNA found at the murder scene of a Juilliard student eight years ago and a chain used at a recent Occupy Wall Street protest,” NBC New York reported a short time later. “Two sources said officials are investigating whether an NYPD lab technician came into contact with both pieces of evidence, causing the match.”

    Do me a favor. Print this out and tack it to your wall. Look at it every day and never forget: they are lying to you. Sometimes their lies are dazzling and grandiose, as when Judith Miller pitched the Bush administration’s WMD lies about Iraq on the pages of the Times. Sometimes the lies are a nest of ill-reported gibberish, as is the case in this “OWS murder link” debacle. Always, they are lying to you in one form or another. That is their purpose. This is Truthout.


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