Catholic friar killed children with morphine

This Dutch video with English subtitles is called Dutch Catholic Church Exposed by Deetman Commission of Inquiry (Dec. 2011).

Translated from NOS Teletext in the Netherlands:

“Friar suspect in deaths in Heel

Update: Friday, June 29, 2012, 02:22

A friar at the boarding school St. Joseph in Heel is possibly involved in the death of 19 boys in the early 50’s. So says the Justice Department after an investigation into the deaths.

The investigation was started after the Deetman commission which investigated sexual abuse in the Catholic Church could not find an explanation for the high number of deceased boys in the boarding school.

According to the Justice Department, a witness says that Brother Andreas then used to give seriously ill boys morphine overdoses. A doctor at St. Joseph is said to have been involved in this as well. The case is superannuated by now, the public prosecutor says.

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