Dutch extinct mammals to return

This video says about itself:

We have 6 six Siberian Lynx at Big Cat Rescue, all of them were rescued from fur farms. It would take double the amount of lynx we have at the sanctuary just to make 1 fur coat!

Learn more about the fur industry and what you can do to help here.

Music courtesy of Kevin Macleod “Love Song”.

Translated from Omroep Brabant radio in the Netherlands:

Little resistance to returning the Big Five in Brabant

Thursday, June 28, 2012 – 09:30

Author: Mathijs Pennings

DEN BOSCH – The return of five large mammals in the Brabant nature encounters little resistance. Only the reintroduction of the lynx and the wild boar get a few negative responses. According to a survey among a thousand Brabant people done on behalf of the province.

Brabant wants the red deer, lynx, otter, wild boar and European bison back into the Brabant countryside. These animals have disappeared due to human activities.

According to Socialist Party provincial executive member Johan van den Hout the reintroductions are important to keep the Brabant nature attractive and to manage it affordably. The return of the red deer to the Groene Woud reserve encounters the least resistance. On the reintroduction of the lynx and the boar almost 24 percent and 17.5 percent respectively responded negatively. Bringing wild boars to the Leenderbos is controversial in the neighborhood because of feared spread of animal diseases and damage to crops.

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