5 thoughts on “Israeli austerity imposed by repression

  1. Israeli state x-ray technicians strike over wages and conditions

    Israeli state x-ray technicians began to take sanctions this week in an ongoing dispute over wages and conditions. The technicians have been involved in a work dispute for two years over their wages and terms.

    “Government hospital x-ray technicians started to apply sanctions on Tuesday as a result of a ‘dead end in negotiations’ between the Histadrut labor federation and the workers’ union on the one hand and the Treasury on the other,” said the Jerusalem Post.

    The workers union said the employees would only treat emergency cases.

    Government workers union head Ariel Ya’acobi said that for more than six months, the Finance Ministry has “refused to sign a collective agreement because it insists on its wording of a single and insignificant sentence that only harms the workers. The Treasury thus decided to hurt the public by pushing the technicians into a situation of sanctions and strikes.”

    The industrial action is to continue until further notice, reported the Jerusalem Post.



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  3. Military draft causes rift in government

    ISRAEL: The Kadima party threatened to leave the government today in a row over the military draft.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dissolved a committee assigned to reform the draft law by conscripting ultra-Orthodox Jews and requiring Israeli Arabs to do civilian service.

    He said the committee failed to reach a consensus and would not be able to win parliamentary approval.



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