Orca and dolphin news

This December 2018 video is called TOP TEN Killer Whale (Orca) Encounters Caught On Tape.

Scotland: Killer whales‘ mackerel drive witnessed by hundreds. June 2012. An exceptionally close encounter with a group of five Orcas by hundreds of visitors and locals at Thurso and Scrabster was the dramatic return of well documented pod: here.

June 2012. Not having enough Chinook salmon to eat stresses out southern resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest more than having boatloads of whale watchers nearby, according to hormone levels of whales summering in the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland, known as The Salish Sea: here.

June 2012. The recent death of two striped dolphins found near Fowey in Cornwall has raised concern among two local marine conservation organisations – British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Marine Strandings Network (MSN) – who work together to study and protect cetaceans around our coast. Striped dolphins are a species rarely seen on the Cornish coast, more commonly found in southerly regions such as the Mediterranean.

July 2012. Cornwall Wildlife Trust has found a potential solution to the biggest threat facing Cornwall’s dolphins and porpoises – getting tangled in fishing nets. Known as ‘pingers’, these devices are fitted to the nets and emit a regular sonic noise to highlight the presence of a net to the animals, thereby reducing their chances of becoming entangled: here.

Killer whale spotted off Norfolk Coast: here.

Male killer whale thirtysomethings appear to live longer when mom’s nearby, especially if mom has stopped reproducing. This survival bonus for mama’s boys could be the first evidence from nonhuman animals for an evolutionary advantage to living long after reproduction stops: here.

New calf born to Washington/Vancouver orca pod: here.

Kasatka, SeaWorld Killer Whale, Gives Birth Underwater In Amazing Video: here.

Pacific white-sided dolphins take flight to evade killer whales: here.

Navy admits whales & dolphins are in harm’s way: here.

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