Spanish miners fight austerity

This video is called Spanish miners protest against spending cuts.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Spanish miners battle to protect industry from austerity

Wednesday 13 June 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

Striking coal miners blocked roads in northern Spain with burning tyres and fired missiles at riot police on Tuesday after officers tried to disperse their protest with tear gas and baton charges.

The miners were among 8,000 who kicked off a four-day strike on May 23 against the right-wing government’s decision to slash subsidies to the sector.

While some miners have remained underground for 23 days, thousands of others in the northern provinces of Asturias and Leon have staged mass street protests in defence of the coal industry and decent jobs.

“We have been using lengths of pipe to aim skyrockets, slings, golf ball launchers and even a homemade device to fire potatoes to keep the police away,” said Gerardo Cienfuegos, 39, who has been a miner since he was 16.

Mining has been an integral part of the economy of the two northern provinces since Roman times.

Miners are concerned that government cuts, including a reduction in mining subsidies from €300 million to €110 million (£241m to £88m), will mean the end of their industry.

Mieres Mayor Anibal Vazquez, who was elected after working 27 years underground, said: “The cuts proposed by the government will mean the death of mining here and the end of hope for many youngsters new to mining.”

SOMA-UGT FITAG Asturias secretary general Jose Angel Fernandez Villa has accused Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy of modelling himself on former British PM Margeret Thatcher.

Rising interest rates in bond markets demonstrate that the €100 billion Spanish bailout last weekend has done nothing to resolve the euro zone crisis and may well have made it even worse: here.

4 thoughts on “Spanish miners fight austerity

  1. Spanish miners continue strike
    Miners in the northern Spanish provinces of Asturias and Leon are continuing their bitter and combative strike against the Popular Party’s removal of subsidies to the industry.
    This week striking miners barricaded major roads, blocked transport lines and burned tires, while miners in the Candin mine in Langredo and the Santiago mine shaft in Aller continued their underground sit-in, now in its third week.
    The strike is in response to the PP’s announcement that it will cut mining subsidies by 63 percent, from €300 million to €110 million. The 8,000 remaining miners in northern Spain say it will mean the complete closure of the industry. Another 30,000 related-industry jobs are expected to go.
    The cuts in subsidies are part of €27 billion in cuts already planned this year that will further decimate health, education and welfare. Only last weekend it was announced that Spanish banks are to receive a €100 billion bailout from the European Financial Stability Facility that will inevitably be tied to even more draconian austerity measures.
    The response of the ruling authorities and its state apparatus towards the miners is brutal. In Asturias, the Civil Guard has been mobilised and is reported to be invading mining villages, using rubber bullets and tear gas.


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