New Colombian bird species discovered

This video from Colombia is called Endemic Antioquia Wren – Thryophilus sernai – Bolombolo, Cauca Valley.

From Wildlife Extra:

New species of bird identified in Colombia

World’s most bird bio diverse country increases its lead!

June 2012. With more than 1880 species, Colombia has the highest number of recorded bird species of any country, and this week Colombian ornithologists have unveiled the discovery of a brand new endemic species of bird, the Antioquia Wren.

The new species of Wren (Thryophilus Sernai) was found in the dry Cauca River Canyon, a narrow valley enclosed by forests, in Northwestern Colombia, just 45 minutes outside the city of Medellin. The latest addition to the wren family can be told apart from its counterparts by its unique plumage coloration, the pattern of barring on its wings and tail, its smaller body size, and its distinctive birdsong. The identification of this wren was the result of a two-year project by Colombian ornithologists Andrés Cuervo, Daniel Cadena, Diego Valderrama and Sandra Calderon.

Huge range of habitats

Colombia’s huge diversity of birds is largely down to the country’s equally diverse range of habitats: three Andean Cordilleras, two inter-Andean valleys, the Amazon, Los Llanos (Orinoco), Santa Marta Mountains, Pacific and Caribbean coasts, deserts and lakes, and the rich Chocó biogeographical region all help to make it one of the most varied landscapes in South America.

Canyon wren in North America: here.

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