Big Bahrain pro-democracy demonstration

This video from Ireland says about itself:

USA EMBASSY, DUBLIN – June 1st 2012. Irish Human Rights Activist Elaine Masons calling out the names of Bahraini Political Prisoners outside Embassy of the United States of America with fellow protestors. Over 750 Prisoners of Conscience remain in Bahrain Jails despite numerous NGOs, BICI (who incidentally found NO EVIDENCE of Iranian ties whatsoever) and International Governments urging they be released.

America continues to have its 5th Fleet hosted there (which it used to police the Gulf) and to sell Arms to Bahrain. Most sinister of which is Tear Gas which cause spontaneous miscarriage and has killed many infants, young children and elderly. Use of Shot Gun Pellets against Protestors has claimed the sight of 100s of young people. Per Capita, Bahrain is the largest of the Middle East Revolutions and the longest struggle, under occupation for approx 230 years and with a revolt every decade since the labour riots of the 1920s.

From Al Jazeera:

Police break up mass protests in Bahrain

Riot police use tear gas to disperse one of largest pro-democracy rallies on Gulf island in weeks.

Last Modified: 08 Jun 2012 17:57

Police in Bahrain have used tear gas and sound bombs to break up one of the island kingdom’s largest anti-government rallies in weeks.

Witnesses on Friday said there were demonstrations in nearly a dozen locations. The largest was a group of thousands of protesters who marched down Budaiya highway, a major road outside the capital which has seen frequent unrest since the uprising in Bahrain began nearly 18 months ago. The rally was abruptly ended when riot police fired tear gas.

Mazen Mahdi, a Bahraini photojournalist, said that media were stopped by police while covering the march.

There were also clashes in Jidhafs, a village near the capital Manama, and in Abu Saiba, a village west of Manama. At least one person in Jidhafs was injured by birdshot fired by riot police, according to Yousif al-Muhafdah, a Bahraini human rights activist.

Earlier on Friday, a defence lawyer told reporters that a court hearing had been scheduled for next week in the case of an 11-year-old boy accused of participating in an illegal protest.

The boy, Ali Hasan, was arrested last month. He took school exams while behind bars, according to his lawyer, Mohsen al-Alawi.

Protests in Bahrain erupted in February of 2011, and they have continued almost daily ever since. The government tries to keep protesters confined to their villages; unauthorised marches are quickly dispersed by police.

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