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  1. Long-running Greek anti-austerity strike declared illegal

    An Athens court has declared the country’s longest-running anti-austerity strike illegal. The strike by steelworkers at the Hellenic Halyvourgia firm had lasted almost nine months.

    The court ruled Wednesday that the decision to take industrial action had not followed proper procedure because no proper vote took place.

    Workers at the privately-owned company will have to be re-balloted.

    A four-day strike planned by touring bus drivers that was due to begin on Monday has also been called off, following a ruling by an Athens court that it, too, was illegal. The drivers are facing a 70 percent cut in wages.

    Greece is in its fifth straight year of recession. Salaries in both the public and private sectors have been slashed as successive governments have sought to make workers pay for the crisis caused by the failure of the capitalist system. Elections on June 17 will take place amid an already expressed overwhelming popular rejection of social austerity.


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