Biggest meatpacking corporation ‘endangering Amazon’

This video is called Wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

World’s largest meat packer ‘breaking deal on Amazon

Thursday 07 June 2012

Greenpeace accused the world’s largest meatpacking company on Thursday of breaking an agreement to protect the Amazon rainforest by not buying cattle from suppliers who raise beef on illegally deforested land.

Brazilian company JBS denied the claim and said it would sue Greenpeace.

The environmental group said it based its accusations on observations by its field investigators and information obtained from Ibama, Brazil’s environmental protection agency.

“Greenpeace has found, once again, numerous new cases of JBS purchasing cattle directly and indirectly from farms involved in illegal deforestation, invasion of protected areas and indigenous lands, and farms using slave labour,” the group said.

In 2009, JBS and three of Brazil’s other major meatpackers and leather exporters signed Greenpeace-brokered agreements promising to not buy cattle from farms involved in illegal deforestation or that relied upon the work of people mired in debt-slavery.

Most of Amazon Rainforest’s Species Extinctions Are Yet to Come: here.

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